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LegacyWorks Group

We bring transformative impact initiatives to life.

LegacyWorks Group (LWG) enables people and organizations to embrace, and innovate practices of sustainability and regeneration along the Gulf of California and Mexico’s Pacific Coast. We build long-term, trust-based relationships and purposeful partnerships to create tangible positive change in communities in our region and across North America.

We meet communities and partners where they are on their journey and deploy our customized efforts and resources to catalyze projects that grow and multiply, often sparking new initiatives in the process.
With 6 regional work teams, we engage many different regions of Mexico, Canada, and the United States.

Our services include:

  • Strategy Consulting and Planning
  • Collaborative Facilitation
  • Conservation Finance
  • Data Dashboarding
  • Incubation and Capacity Support

LegacyWorks Group in México

Our team in Baja California Sur, México works towards better models of coastal development in the Cabo del Este region. Partnering with local and international partners to help the community protect their unique and valuable ecosystems, build local leadership capacity and create positive economic and long lasting development opportunities.

Our core method relies on building trust, creating a shared vision, identifying impact opportunities, providing catalytic high-value collaborations, scaling up, and stewarding on every stage of a project.

Despite the size and complexity of the challenge, we are profoundly optimistic and motivated because of the partnerships we serve and the forward momentum we see building every day.

We focus on the following thematic areas of work:

Fisheries & Water
Sustainable and
Development Models
Local Communities
Regenerative Partnerships
and Learning Networks

Our Impact Model

LegacyWorks Group enables communities to address complex challenges and meet critical needs through highly collaborative initiatives.

We work with five core strategies to achieve our long-term goals and define our work process as a widening spiral, with each initiative a stepping stone on the path to systemic change.

Fostering Shared Vision and Collaborative Leadership: The challenges we face require cross sector collaboration around a shared vision and

Education and Change:
Broadening and deepening the knowledge base
for education and change.

Employing Community and Business Models that demonstrate regenerative practices and contribute to sustainable economies.

Deploying full spectrum Financial Capital to test innovation and power

Informing and reforming the Public Policy that supports sustainable

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