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About The Initiative

A platform that enables sustainable and regenerative development and honors people and place.

Serving as a platform for a new kind of development that embraces local communities and environments at its core, the East Cape Futures initiative fosters collaboration, leverages talent and resources, and secures stakeholder commitment to drive sustainability and regeneration.

The East Cape Futures Initiative is designed to catalyze and cultivate partnerships across private, community, and regulatory sectors, paving the way for enduring prosperity in Baja California Sur’s East Cape region through innovation, research, investment, and knowledge sharing.

Better Building

How do we best site, source materials, design and operate projects?
iFCE will provide emergent projects with the best tools and knowledge in responsible design, construction and operation.

Pride of Place

What values unite us in this special region? How can they become distinguishing, competitive features? And how do we grow them over time so that this and future generations steward them. iFCE will design and promote a regional pride campaign for people in the area to rediscover and reconfirm their values and aspirations, as one community.

Natural Capital

How do we use and care for our water, energy, and biodiversity inside and outside a development project’s boundaries? iFCE will provide research and tools to help developers steward natural capital and reach agreements with other stakeholders on ways to care for the most important resources in the region.

Markets & Models

Can we connect with and learn from successful development and business models to inspire better projects in the region? By tracking tourism, real estate, community economic development market trends, iFCE will create spaces for collaboration and innovation by replicating and adapting success models.

Values Capital

Can we connect innovative projects with responsible and efficient sources of financing? Can new, responsible investment vehicles (impact investment, ESG capital, etc.) incentivize and support new development models? iFCE will connect sources of capital with responsible and innovative development projects to build an effective financial way to success.

East Cape Future Initiative

We seek to engage the necessary talent, partnerships, resources, and commitment from all stakeholders in order to advance innovative actions for the responsible and regenerative development of the region

2022 East Cape Futures Forum

Our inaugural forum was ground-breaking. It sparked a great deal of interest in “how to do it much better” and on-going conversations on how to foster and harness innovation. and set the basis for the Initiative.

East Cape Futures is an initiative of:

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